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•   Lowest rates in Canada
•   YES ... coverage during COVID-19
•   No phone call required
•   No meeting required
•   8 minute application to protect
  the ones you love
•   Life insurance in minutes
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EQ Bank Savings Account
•   1.50% everyday interest*
•   $0 minimum balance required
•   Unlimited EFT's + bill payments
•   No Everyday Banking Fees
•   FREE Interac e-Transfers®
•   Free Mobile Cheque Deposits
details on site
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MOGO Crypto Bitcoin
•   Sign up for free!
•   Low cost way to invest in bitcoin
•   FINTRAC regulated and publicly
  traded on TSX + NASDAQ
•   Massive Growth Opportunity
•   No Annual Fees
•   3 minutes + start investing
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CI Direct Investing
•   Interest is calculated daily
  and paid monthly
•   Open account in minutes
•   Interest rate has no expiry
•   No fees
•   No Minimum balance
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•   Free Account
•   Free Credit Score
•   Free ID Fraud Protection
•   No impact on your credit score
•   3 minutes and your done
•   $0 to Monitor + Protect Yourself
•   Financial Health with MOGO
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•   lower your expenses
•   reduce your debt
•   Cashback with perks
•   save more + invest smarter
•   automatically invest your
  spare change (and more)
  in a diversified portfolio
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Pay Simply
•   No account set up ... Fast, easy transactions
•   The simpler way to pay taxes and bills
•   Conveniently pay thousands of billers with the payment method of your choice
•   More ways to pay Credit cards, Interac e-Transfer, PayPal, cash, debit,
  instalments – it’s your choice
•   Safe and secure .... Your personal information is encrypted,
  and your payment information is not stored
•   No Annual Fees
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Canada Auto Finance Car Loans
•   Up to $45,000 approvals
  Any Credit accepted
•   $0 Down Options
•   Free to apply; no obligation
•   Dealers will compete for
  your financing needs;
  this saves you money
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•   Car Loans 411
•   Get the car you want
  regardless of your credit situation
•   Affordable options
•   3 easy steps 2 minutes
•   Application is 100% free
•   No SIN required, no obligation
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•   Cash advances
•   Points on everyday purchases
•   improve credit score
•   25 day grace period
  with no interest
•   0% APR on purchases for
  the first 3 months
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Refresh Secured Card
•   NO Credit Check
•   100% Guaranteed Approval when
  you secure the card with
  a deposit of $200 - $10,000
•   Low Interest Rate
•   Low Annual Fee
•   Build credit history
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Canada Debt Assistance
•   Canada Debt Assistance
•   $10,000 or more in debt?
•   You may be eligible to
  reduce your monthly payments -
  without bankruptcy.
•   Free to see if you qualify
•   ONTARIO only @ this time
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Free Equifax Credit Score
•   $0 - yes it's free
  3 minutes
•   No commitment
•   No impact on your
  credit score
•   Understand and improve
  your credit
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Lending Mate Personal Loans
•   Borrow $2,000 - $10,000
  Fast Loan Approval
•   Guarantor Loans, No Credit Checks
•   Bad Credit OK
•   Lender Not A Broker
•   Trust Pilot 4 stars
•   ON, BC, QC only
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Loan Connect
•   Loans from $500 to $50,000
•   Terms from 6-60 months
•   Rates as low as 4.6% APR
•   Better Business Bureau
  A+ rating, TrustSpot
  a 9.7/10 TrustScore.
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Xmas Gifts under $50
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•   Home equity loan now!
•   Own your home
  and need a loan ....
  Homeowners get approved!
•   Bank turn you down?
  We can help you finance!
•   50+ years in business
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Loan Me Now
•   Super-fast approvals
•   No Credit Checks
•   Secure & Confidential
•   Maximum $1,000
•   Less than 24 hours
•   Short term personal loans
•   Emergency cash fast
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Refresh Secured Card
•   We create a secure account
•   We arrange affordable payments
•   With every payment made,
  your credit climbs because
  reported as "installment loan"
  to the credit bureau
•   Improved credit score!
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Consolidated Credit
•   Helping Canadians get out
  of credit card debt
  for over 13 years
•   More than 500,000 Canadians
  helped in 10 years!
•   Talk to a Counsellor
  for free
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Lend Direct
•   Call, click or come in!
•   Smarter Personal Loans
•   Affordable payments
•   15 minute funding
•   Access Credit for
  as long as you need
•   Unlimited Cash Advances†
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Fairstone Financial
•   Quick personal loans
  from $500 - $35,000
•   Free online loan quote
  won’t affect your credit score
•   Online solutions and
  240+ branches across Canada
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Credit Verify
•   Credit Verify
•   Don't worry. Checking your
  credit won't lower it
•   Stop Fraud + Identity Theft
•   Find out your credit
  in minutes
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WealthBar Investing
•   Smarter technology
•   Smarter savings
•   Low fees
•   Free $10,000 management
•   Professionally managed
  portfolio, investments
  + financial advice
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Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card
•   $0 Annual Fee
•   2% Rewards in Client’s chosen categories
•   No limit on cash back amount or reward points earned
•   Instant rewards as cash back is paid monthly
•   Deposit rewards to a Tangerine Savings Account
  and get a 3rd 2% Money-Back Category
•   Eligibility: minimum income $12K with good credit score
Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card
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Refresh Secured Card
•   NO Credit Check
•   100% Guaranteed Approval
  when you secure the card with a
  deposit of $200 - $10,000
•   Low Interest Rate
•   Low Annual Fee
•   Build credit for your score history
Refresh Secured Card
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Tangerine World Mastercard®
•   same features as Money-Back Credit Card plus...
•   Boingo Wi-Fi for Mastercard®
•   Mobile Device Insurance
•   Mastercard® Travel Rewards
•   Rental Car Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
•   Eligibility: minimum income $60K; household income: $100K;
  good-excellent credit score
Tangerine World Mastercard Credit Card
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SCENE®* Visa* Card
•   No credit history needed
•   $0 Annual Fee
•   2,500 bonus SCENE points with first
  $500 in everyday purchases first 3 months
•   Earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 you spend
  on your everyday credit card purchases
*   all card feature details on site
Scene Credit Card
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•   Monitor Your Health +
  Fitness at a Glance
•   Track heart rate, blood pressure
•   Analyze your sleep patterns
•   Inactivity alerts
•   Apple + Android compatible
•   30 Day Full Refund
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Neck Pain
•   Eliminate Neck Pain!
•   Total Relaxation
  in Just 10 Minutes
•   Advanced Pain Relief
•   Melt away muscle pain,
  stiff and sore muscles
•   100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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ChargeHubGO+ Wireless Power Bank
•   Ultra-Fast Portable Charger
•   Fits in your pocket!
•   Charge up to 4 Devices
•   Wireless, No cords
•   5000mAh Micro USB C2.0
•   Universal Compatibility
•   30-Day $ Back Guarantee
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•   Works with your smartphone
•   STOP mechancis from ripping you off!
•   SAVE $1,000's in costly repairs
•   FIXD simply plugs into OBD
  port (all cars built after
•   1996 have them)
•   continusoulsy monitors your car
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Fix Me Stick
•   Computer Virus Removal
•   Try for only $9.95
•   Everyday protection
•   Save time & money
  clean viruses yourself
•   Protects malicious viruses, trojans,
  spyware, and other malware
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•   Secure + Private Internet
•   Try for only $9.95
•   Mobility - clip it on keychain
•   Use on multiple computers
•   social networks, search, email,
  games, Tik Tok, apps, ...
•   Automatically connects to internet
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ChargeHub 7 in 1 Car Charger
•   7-in-1 emergency tool
•   Phone Charger
•   Portable Power Bank
•   Steel Tip Window Breaker
•   Razor-Sharp Seatbelt Cutter
•   Strobing SOS Beacon
•   Long-Range Safety Siren
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Maximize WiFi
•   WiFi Booster Ultra High Speed
•   No dead zones/slow spots
•   Extends WiFi
•   Lightning-fast data transfer
•   Upgrade without a monthly bill!
•   No Hassle Returns
•   30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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•   Fits in wallet, pocket, purse
•   100% reusable, eco-friendly
•   Dishwasher safe, BPA free
•   We throw away 40 Billion
  plastic knives, forks, spoons
•   By 2050 plastic will outweigh
  fish in our oceans
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Super Glue
•   Fix Virtually Anything!
•   Throw Your Super Glue Away
•   Won’t Dry Out
•   No Messes
  Kiss sticky fingers goodbye!
•   Works On Any Surface
•   Safe For Everyone
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•   Free Yourself from Cords
•   Seamless crystal-clear sound
  with Active Noise Cancelling
•   Fast charging on the go
•   Android, iOS, and more!
•   One-touch functionality
•   30 Day Full Refund
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•   Immediate Relief Today
  Professional Pain Relieving
•   Accupressure Insoles
•   Reduce Stress
•   Relieves sore back
  and stiff joints
•   100% satisfaction guarantee
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PhotoStick Mobile
•   Android, iPhone, iPad ...
•   No passwords or cloud storage
•   No Monthly Subscription or Bills!
•   Plug-in the device,
  photostick will automatically
  save the photos
•   Fast backup
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•   Apple or PC
•   No passwords or cloud storage
•   No Monthly Subscription or Bills!
•   1 Click and that's it!
•   Plugs into any USB port
•   No Software To Install
•   Search/organize on its own
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•   Safely navigate the bathroom
  at night and stop those
  messy toilet misses forever!
•   Fits EVERY toilet
•   Great for kids
•   Stop nightime accidents
•   Lights Up Automatically
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•   Flex Safe
•   Ultimate In Portable Security
•   Cut-Resistant + Water Resistant
•   Cyber Proof: RFID blocking
•   Security WHEREVER You Go
•   Bike, stroller, park, beach...
•   Closet, park, school, playground...
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•   Personalized Heating
•   Convection heating technology
•   Energy-efficient,
  cost-saving heating solution
•   Quickly turns warm to
  cold within seconds
•   30 Day Full Refund
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Stop Barking
•   Non-violent, Not harmful
•   Stop Dog Barking in seconds
•   Any behavior will stop immediately
•   High pitch frequencies
  humans cannot hear
•   Ultrasonic bark correction
•   Great training device
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GPS Tracker
•   Virtually Undetectable 3" x 1/2"
•   GPS technology to locate anyone,
  track anything, anytime, anywhere
•   See Where They Went +
  How Long They Stayed
•   Know If Someone Is Driving Unsafely
•   30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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•   SmartSanitizer Pro ultraviolet
  light kills 99.99% of
  germs/bacteria from smartphones
•   Medical Grade UV Sanitizer Light
•   6 Minutes Sanitizing Process
•   FREE Delivery
•   3 Year Warranty is $14
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Hearing Device
•   You may hear 85-90% better
•   10% the cost of hearing aids
•   Discrete, super comfortable
•   Built-in Noise Cancelation
•   Discrete design
•   FREE shipping
•   45-day money-back guarantee
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Stop Snoring
•   Detects snoring using biosensors
•   Detects when you are snoring;
•   gives you a tiny electrical impulse;
•   makes you shift positions
•   and stop snoring
•   Enjoy rejuvenating sleep
•   Feel refreshed and energized
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Sweepstakes and Contests
•   Win a Tesla
•   Win a Mercedes-Benz®
•   Win a Ford Mustang
•   Win a Corvette, RAM Truck
•   Win a Motorcyle
•   Win a Jeep, BMW
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Sweepstakes and Contests
•   Free to Enter Sweepstakes
•   Win 1 Carat
  Diamond Earrings
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Lotto Go Megamillions Powerball Lottery Ticket
•   Mega Millions Lottery Ticket
•   Get 2 Tickets for
  only $1.96 ($7 Value)
•   Limited Time Offer -
  Two Bets to Win
  Mega Millions for less
  than the price of one!
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Lotto Go Powerball Lottery Ticket
•   Powerball Lottery Ticket
•   Buy 1 Ticket Get 2 FREE!
•   Limited Time Offer -
  Three Bets to Win Powerball
  or the price of one!
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Build a Million Dollar Brand on Amazon
•   Escape working for someone else
•   4 hour work weeks
•   Live anywhere you want
•   "Million Dollar Brand" shows you
  how to build your brand on Amazon
•   Learn current successful strategies
  to implement for FREE
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Gift Cards and Gift Rewards
•   Gift Card Rewards
•   Gift Rewards
•   Paypal, Amazon, Apple, Uber,
  Home Depot, Groceries,
  VISA, AMEX, Mastercard,
  Starbucks, Samsung, Restaurants, ...
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Win Gasoline with
•   USA and Canada eligibility
•   Free to enter
•   Must be age of majority
  in the State/Province
•   +100 ballots for every share
  on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
  Email ..... or any other!
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Sweepstakes and Contests
•   Free to Enter Sweepstakes
•   Cash, Trips, Cars,
  Trucks, Motorcycles, Diamonds,
  Gift Cards, Electronics,
  Mobile Phones, Watches, ...
•   Must be age of majority
  in the State/Province
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